Wednesday, 19 July 2017

“If You're A Young Girl With O'Level Cert & A Man With PhD Proposes Marriage To You, Turn Him Down”

Facebook user; David Okorafor has dropped a controversial post regarding the difference between levels of education (in his own opinion), stating that ant young girl with an O'level certificate should turn down a marriage proposal if it's coming from a man who has a higher level of education (PhD, probably).

His point however reveals that there's need for a lady with lower level of education to pair with her class when it comes to the issue of marriage.

He said,
“If you're a young girl with an O level certificate and a man with a PhD proposes marriage to you, turn him down. You're not being stupid, you're simply being wise. Wait for your class to come, someone you can interact with at your level, someone you can confront when he drops a bucket of shit. 
The argument is not about the woman's IQ. It's about class and the way the PhD would be inclined to treat the woman. How much love and respect will there be in this relationship and it what direction will they flow? May a one-way thing. 
We know a PhD may not be sounder in reasoning and despite all his education and that the woman may be a very intelligent one, but will that stop PhD from feeling superior to everyone else? That's where the problem is. 
As a woman, you don't want to find yourself constantly striving to prove you aren't an idiot simply because you married to someone high on his academic qualifications. You may be bargaining for heartaches, unknowingly unless you'll be willing to humble yourself,  accept your place and forget about fighting for this-and-that right.”
His opinion, has however generated alot of different feedbacks from his friends and followers. Here are some comments below:

So, what's your take on this?


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