Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Nnamdi Kanu's Trial Resumes Today Amidst His Unknown Whereabout

The trial of the leader of the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra Leader; Nnamdi Kanu, is scheduled to resume today, Tuesday October 17th, before the Federal High Court in Abuja.
Nnamdi Kanu's Trial
The sitting will be the court’s first after Justice Binta Nyako granted bail to Kanu on April 25.

However, Nnamdi Kanu’s lead defence lawyer, Mr. Ifeanyi Ejiofor, has said his client remains missing. And the matter would not continue if the Federal Government fails to produce him in court.

In an interview with Punch’s correspondent on Sunday, Ejiofor insisted that Kanu was still in the custody of the Federal Government and if not produced in court on Tuesday, the trial would not continue.
“On Tuesday, if the Federal Government fails to produce him in court, then the trial will not go on. It is simple. We have asked them to produce him in court because he is in their custody,” the lawyer said.
Ejiofor had, on September 27, led other lawyers to file an originating motion, marked FHC/ABJ/CS/908/2017, before the Federal High Court in Abuja, praying for an order directing the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai, to produce Kanu in court.

Punchng.com reports that the lawyers claimed that soldiers on September 14 invaded the IPOB leader’s house “on a murderous raid, where live and mortar bullets were fired on unarmed and defenceless populace, leaving 28 persons dead and abducting many.
“It is either the respondent’s rampaging soldiers abducted the applicant during this raid or they must have killed him in the process,” part of the grounds of the motion read.
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Jacob Zuma Gushes After Massive Statue Of Him Unveiled, Said He's Leaving Nigeria As A Hero

President of South Africa; Jacob Zuma has said he was at a loss for words after a giant statue of him was unveiled in Imo state.
Nigerians were flabbergasted when everyone woke up last Saturday to a giant statue of Jacob Zuma standing tall in Owerri, Imo state.

Rochas Okorocha‚ billionaire‚ education philanthropist and governor of the Imo State‚ had unveiled the bronze statue, named a street after Zuma, conferred him with a chieftaincy title and then the highest Merit Award in Imo state during his two-day visit to Nigeria which concluded on Sunday.

According to the Imo state government, Zuma’s visit to Nigeria and to the state was to “strengthen socio-economic relations and deepen cooperation in education.”

Speaking about his visit, Zuma said he was at a loss for words:
“I walked in here‚ as I say‚ as an ordinary freedom fighter. I’m leaving Nigeria‚ through the state of Imo‚ as a hero. What a decoration.”
The giant statue of Jacob Zuma in Owerri, Imo state had sparked outrage among Nigerians who, according to Okechukwu Nwanguma‚ national coordinator of the civil society Network On Police Reform in Nigeria (NOPRIN)‚ were not informed about the statue.
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''All Those Who Accused Me Of Something I Don't Know About, I Sincerely Forgive You'' - Davido

Following trending accusation from Tagbo's friend about the Singer; Davido's involvement in his friend's death, the young superstar has taken to Snapchat to say he forgives everyone who thinks the same.
Davido was cleared by the police of having nothing to do with his friend, Tagbo's death, he took to his Snapchat account to say he no longer holds any grudge against blogs and people who accused or insinuated that he had something to do with it. Adding that he forgives them all.

See the Snaps below:

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Actress Moesha Boduong's Reasons Why She Prefers Dating Older Men WIll Shock You!

Ghanaian Actress and Curvy Queen, Moesha Boduong in a recent interview with ZionFelix on the Celebrity Ride, has revealed why she prefers to date older men while listing its other advantages.
The beautiful who shot to fame after sharing luscious and seductive photos flaunting her body parts on social media disclosed that elderly men ‘pamper’ women well and are more patient in terms of handling issues as compared to their younger counterparts.

She also stated that she prefers older men because they know how to coddle women describing them as more matured and understanding.

She said:
“I like dating people who are 10 years older or 5 years older than me, I just think grown-ups treat you better, I’ve never been lucky with young guys, the first young guy I was with…they like girls too much so I prefer older men because they are more matured and teach you a lot of things.”
According to Moesha, it's better off dating someone who can cater for you than date a poor guy who at the end of the day cheats on you since both rich and poor men cheat.

On the financial status of any man she dates, She said:
“I don’t want an extra rich person in terms of money but someone who can take care of me and support me, I work but I still need someone to take care of me.”
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Monday, 16 October 2017

3 Days After He Wished Her A Happy Birthday, Young Man Allegedly Got Stabbed To Death In Lagos

A young promising Nigerian man, Seun, has reportedly been stabbed to death by his girlfriend, Hannah whom he wished a happy birthday, 3 days ago at Gowon Estate, Egbeda, Lagos.
As shared above by a female friend of the deceased, no one could have imagined the girlfriend could be capable of such act, but she eventually did.

Below is Seun's post, wishing his girlfriend a Happy birthday...
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Real Madrid Set To Open Football Academy in Rivers As Governor Wike Meets With Cristiano Ronaldo, Ramos & Club Officials In Spain

Governor of Rivers State; Wike has currently embarked on a trip to seal agreement with Spanish giant, Real Madrid in order to open a football academy in his state.
The Governor and his aides, embarked on an inspection of the training facility at the academy.

He was pictured with world best footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, his son, Sergio Ramos along with the Club's official.

Below are more photos;

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Sunday, 15 October 2017

''I Was Expelled Because We Didn't Give The VC Any Award'' — Expelled Redeemer’s University Student, Debo Adedayo Reveals More

Redeemer’s University, Debo Adedayo, who got expelled from the university after his controversial post on Facebook days back has talked more about his expulsion by the varsity authorities with TOLUWANI ENIOLA.
Below is the full interview:

Tell us briefly about yourself.

People call me Mr. Macaroni. I am an actor, entertainer and former President of The Redeemer’s University Students’ Association. I am 24 years old. I hail from Ikija town in Ogun state. My father is Mr. Musa Alao Adedayo, a journalist while my mother is Mrs. Dorcas Adedayo, an educationist. I am a Muslim.

When did you start having problems with the school management?

I belonged to the Theatre Arts Department. I consider myself a graduate because I sat for final examinations and completed my project defence. My results were sent to me and I passed well. The only issue is that I haven’t been issued a certificate.

I first served as the social director of the students’ association in the 2015/2016 academic session. I remember a particular time when I tried to invite singer Adekunle Gold to the university. He is an artiste that I consider one of the most decent in the country.

The Director of Students Services, Dr. Arogundade, gave verbal approval. We paid Adekunle Gold N400,000 for the performance. To my surprise later, I later got a call from Dr. Arogundade that we need not bring in Adekunle Gold into the school because he is a worldly artiste and unfit for the varsity.

We tried to make our case known even to the vice-chancellor. The VC said he knew me to be a very sound person but he thought I was lost in the world for trying to bring in the artist. The money was neither refunded nor was the artist allowed to come to the university.

Is that all?

I also remember another incident when I tried to organise a cultural day event. As usual, I shared the idea with the director. I told him we were considering inviting the publisher of Alaroye Newspaper to be the guest speaker for the day. The director agreed. Later, he called me that he discovered that Mr. Adedayo is a Muslim. He said we shouldn’t allow people like that to come into the university.

I told him that there are many Muslim students in the university. If the university can admit them, why can’t a Muslim come to the university to impact on the lives of the students?
There was also a time the graduating students wanted to invite Actress Funke Akindele to the school. I was also involved in a way. The school said she didn’t pass the litmus test of the university as she was recently divorced at the time.

I asked if her marital status should be the question or the fact that her coming would inspire and motivate students. I thank God that Funke Akindele-Bello is now happily married and even pregnant. See how God works. The list goes on and on.

What is your relationship with the institution’s VC?

I had the relationship of a sincere and patriotic student president with Professor Adeyewa. I showed him maximum respect always. I commended the university when they did well and also spoke up when our expectations as students were not met. I remember a particular time I went to a certain university on an invitation.

I met one of the senior lecturers, who said, “Do you know your vice-chancellor is a failure? Since he came in, the admission rate has declined.” I expressed my displeasure and defended the VC and the university. However, the VC always expressed his displeasure that I was not always supporting the management enough. He was always complaining.

You never mentioned any name in your viral post that caused your expulsion. But who are the bloody hypocrites, daddy VC’s and the backbiter daddy you mentioned in the post?
I didn’t mention names in the Facebook post. I wasn’t referring to anyone in particular. It was just a general remark. The post was mainly to express how glad I was to have met with Prof. Wande Abimbola, who impacted so much on me in barely two hours.

How do you feel that the varsity authorities believed they were the target of your post?

I don’t know why the university feels I referred to them. Did they see the posts where I praised the university and advertised it? Why did they decide to pick on a post where I neither mentioned the name of the university nor anyone? I didn’t accuse the vice-chancellor or any lecturer of any failings. I said the post wasn’t about them. I wasn’t even expecting to be summoned concerning any post by the university. I was only awaiting my convocation.

Were you invited for talks before you were expelled from the university?

After the post, I went on with my acting career until I was later summoned by the university. After I was invited, I was told the management would contact me later. However, I noticed that my name wasn’t on the convocation list. My parents went to the school to demand an explanation. They were not properly attended to. The personal assistant to the VC, however, told my mother that I could not be denied my certificate. The PA said that they were only trying to clarify some things.

What was your first reaction when you got the letter of expulsion from the university?

I sighed, prayed and informed my parents.

What are you doing to reverse the management’s decision?

My parents have decided to take the case to court as they do not agree with the verdict of the university. They have been quite patient. The university claimed I said bad things about them in my post on Facebook. As I said, the post wasn’t for Redeemer's University. We know that the university is influential but we will still try to get justice.

Are you already seeking admission elsewhere?

No, I’m not. I am full of hope that by God’s good grace, I will receive my certificate from my dear Redeemer's University. I don’t deserve this treatment. As president, my administration reduced the outrageous bus price on campus from N50 to N20. If I had my way, it would have been free.

My administration was able to acquire a bus from the Family Forum for easier transportation of students. My administration fought for the increase of food portioning, water and light scarcity. My administration empowered more than 10 students in different entrepreneurial vocations and even assisted students who could not pay or complete their school fees.

This one particularly was where all my life savings went to. My administration increased social media awareness and maximum publicity for the university.

Do you regret your post?

No, I don’t. I do not regret living my life for others. I do not regret dedicating myself to the growth and development of Redeemer’s University. I am only sad how things have turned out.

What have been your friend’s reactions? 

I received lots of calls from different people showing their concerns.

Is this post about the university the first you wrote on your facebook page?

No. If you check my Instagram page @mrmacaroni1 or Facebook ‘Debo Macaroni Adedayo’ you will see how I used my social media to promote the university.

What are you doing now pending the resolution of the matter?

I am relaxed, prayerful and going about my acting career.

Are you going to take advantage of the ‘recovery of destiny’ programme which the school gave as an option before the decision could be reversed?

No, I won’t because my creator is in charge of my destiny and it is in my hands. I didn’t steal, fight, cheat, or lead a riot as student president. The school expelled me because of a Facebook post they ‘feel’ is about them. I don’t think that is just.

In your post, you mentioned certain things which showed you have been dissatisfied with the state of things in the university. Tell us about them.

Since I entered the university, it is a tradition that the VC is always given an award by the students, association. My administration broke that norm. My cabinet reached the conclusion that the VC did not deserve to be awarded on our student appreciation day.

Hence, we didn’t award him. He expressed his anger over this issue. I heard from certain sources that he swore to deal with me.

Food was a big problem during my tenure as president. The university compulsorily collected a sum of N100,000 for feeding as against NUC regulations. That wasn’t even the issue. The food service was terrible. Some students would resume as late as one or two weeks to examination and the university would still collect the whole N100, 000 for feeding and each student is only entitled to N400 per day. My administration fought for the increase of food portioning as I always raised the alarm concerning the poor services.

We had to contend with light, water and loads of other issues. The VC wasn’t too pleased that I was always coming to complain.

At a particular time, students were wrongly accused of defrauding the university. Meal cards were used for food service. The inventor of the meal card mentioned that the school didn’t pay for the required tools for the meal card programme. So, sometimes the system wrongly read data on students meal cards. More than 100 students were falsely accused and I stood with every one of them and by God’s grace, none of them was expelled.

You mentioned that you met Prof. Wande Abimbola whom you compared with some other academics. What is your relationship with him?

I don’t have any relationship with Prof. Abimbola. I only met him that day when I accompanied a team of journalists to interview him.

Is he aware of what happened?

I don’t think he has heard. Even if he does, I don’t have any relationship.

Was the decision to attend a private university a matter of choice or circumstance?

I attended Redeemer's University because of my passion for theatre. Redeemer's University happens to be the only private university nearby that offers the course. My parents felt it was best to attend a private university because of the strike and other reasons. I had wanted to join Redeemer's University a year earlier than I did. But admission closed already so I wasn’t allowed to come in despite series of pleas as the university had not conducted matriculation. Such was the reputation of Redeemer’s University at the time. Fast track to my time as president and I cannot say the same.

When SUNDAY PUNCH contacted the university, the Directorate of Corporate Affairs, Redeemer’s University, Adetunji Adeleye, sent the following statement:
"The case is purely a disciplinary issue in conformity with the stance and vision of the university. He has chosen to tarnish the image of the university with a pack of lies like he had done previously. His claims are untrue and dodge the real issues for which he was disciplined. 
The ploy to smear the image of very senior officers of the university and also discolour the issues to gain public sympathy is quite unfortunate and speaks volumes to discerning minds. 
The university has been magnanimous to offer a lifeline to retrace his steps and recover his destiny in spite of his misdemeanour.It’s unfortunate that instead of showing penitence and embracing the opportunity, he has again, chosen to further portray the university in bad light. 
Debo Also shared some pictures on His Facebook Page, where he revealed that he indeed portrayed the University in a good light, and also promoted them with everything he had.
He wrote in one of his posts;

Redeemer's University says I put the University and some of her officials in a bad light on social media. Please swipe along with me:

Picture 1 is me presenting the Vice President @profosinbajo with a gift on behalf of the University. In the picture is deputy-governor of Osun state and the Vice-Chancellor of the University.
Picture 2 is me showing Redeemer's University to the world with the Minister of communication, Barrister Adebayo Shittu.
Picture 3 reminds me of a funny story as It was a real struggle to meet and present @speakerdogara with this token on behalf of my dear Redeemer's University. This was at a conference of student union presidents with the speaker and I tried to announce how great my University is.
This is me representing my University in the presence of @raufaregbesola
This is me fully branded in the attire of Redeemer’s University after a courtesy visit to the Orangun of Oke Ila to seek support for my University.
This is a picture of one of our many visits to secondary schools to promote Redeemer’s University.
There are many more. The list is endless. Yet the University claims that the reason for my expulsion is because of a post that neither carries the name of the University nor anyone in it. Oh well..

Debo Also shared pictures of the award he has received while in the University;
All of these awards and I mean ALL, I received as a Student of Redeemer’s University. I received some within the University and some by other bodies outside the University.

The University claim I put them in a bad light. Most of you who have been following my posts on social media in the last two years would agree with me how I helped publicize Redeemer's University like it was my Father’s school.

This same me would go to Ikeja city mall, different secondary schools advertising Redeemer's University like I was being paid for it. Like I keep saying, the list is endless.

I never expected it would result to this as I always wanted nothing but progress for my Alma Mata. However, the management of the school has a different point of view. I would like to thank my parents for deciding to take legal action and will hereby rest my case for now. I thank you all for calls, msgs and well wishes.

Please help me let the world know what is happening to me because all I did was serve Redeemer's University with all my life.
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Iya Rainbow Reveals Why It Took Her So Long To Know God In New Interview

A Recent chat with Sunday Scoop, reveals a lot about the Idowu Philips; popularly known as Iya Rainbow. She stated how she didn’t have a personal relationship with God despite being the daughter of a respected cleric. Then, she used to attend parties with friends and sometimes drank herself into a stupor.
Did you know; that veteran actress; Esther Idowu Philips, has finally turned a Christian cleric? You would recall that in her days, she could be best described as a society lady. But she now has a church in the Ojodu–Berger area of Lagos.

According to her, however, it got to a stage that God ‘arrested’ her and told her to build a church for Him. But just as she started to know God, her husband died and left her with five children.

She said,
“I became preoccupied with making my children comfortable; ensuring that they didn’t lack. I didn’t even think of buying clothes for myself. When all my colleagues were buying cars, I couldn’t buy one for myself. The opportunity to buy a car only came when I fell from a commercial bus in front of the late Gbenga Adeboye’s office. I think his boys told him about the accident and he later promised to launch a movie for me. It was the money I got from the launch I used to buy a Mazda 626.”
She continued;
“Though I wasn’t a strong Christian when I was younger, I never visited a witch doctor. I only called on God whenever I was in trouble. But when I got to know God better, I realised that He had been watching over me. Maybe He felt that He still needed me to work for Him.”
- Punch 
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Friday, 13 October 2017

Hate Post? Redeemers University Expels Actor, Mr Macaroni, Few Days To His Graduation Over A Facebook Post Made By Him

Debo Adedayo, an Actor popularly known as Mr. Macaroni has been expelled few days before his graduation from his University, Redeemers University over a post he made on his Facebook Page.

According to the University, Debo’s Facebook post was offensive and portrayed the university in a bad light, an act that constitutes serious misconduct and punishable by expulsion.

As shared by the actor on his Instagram, he said;


Most of you would observe that I have been silent about Redeemer’s University lately. For those of you who know about my University life, most of you called me and sent me series of text messages 2 weeks ago asking why I didn’t go for my convocation.. this and that… as it was quite clear that I should have graduated in flying colours.

Well, the management of Redeemer’s University denied me of my joy that day. I had waited so long for that day, and while waiting, I served Redeemer’s University with all my life.

First as Social Director in my 300Level and then as President of both the student association and the graduating class. I ask anyone reading this to call anyone he or she knows in Redeemer’s University including the management that dislikes me so much and ask who Debo Adedayo (Mr Macaroni) is.

If they will speak the truth with the fear of God, they will tell you that I served the University with all my life and heart. I can’t plunge into the achievements of my administration in Redeemer’s University because you will get tired. I used everything that God blessed me with to promote Redeemer’s University.

I left Redeemer’s University a debtor. All my life savings was used in paying school fees for other students and making sure students were at least comfortable in the most possible way. Please just ask around.
For me, leadership was and still is service, selflessness and sacrifice through discipline, integrity and accountability to those we as leaders claim to be of service to and by God’s grace in whose name I swear, this was what I stood for.

I wrote my final exams, defended my project and was awaiting convocation when I was summoned by the management of the University saying I posted certain things that put the University in a bad light.

Excuse me?

In all my posts, I never mentioned the name of the University nor the name of any of her official. Yet on the 12th of this month, I received a letter of Expulsion for this supposed reason. I have been patient enough with the management of the University.

That I wasn’t given the joy to graduate on that day I waited patiently for broke my heart. Yet, I was willing to let that go out of love for my University.

Now, look what I have been greeted with. I am trying to understand the reasons behind this action by the mgt of the University.

Could it be because, for the first time in history, my administration refused to give the Vice-Chancellor and Director of Student affairs awards on our students' appreciation day as we reached the conclusion that they didn’t deserve it?

Or could it be because my administration fought passionately for students rights; food, water, light scarcity? Could it be because I stood for the rights of students when they were falsely accused of defrauding the University….. the list is endless as I am still trying to help the University find a reason for her action.

I can go on and on, but I would simply rest my case for now as my parents have decided to take legal action against the management of the University.

I am bringing this to your attention because of the concern you have all shown and also so that everyone I have advertised Redeemer’s University to can see how exactly I am being paid back for my dedication.

You haven’t heard the last of this. Thank you. P.S: all comments or opinions shared on my page in no way represent my position about the University or anyone in it. Please be advised.

This is the reason why I have been expelled from Redeemer’s University after years of passionate service and sacrifice to the University. I didn’t lead a riot as president of the Students Association, I didn’t steal, I didn’t fight, I didn’t break any rules and regulation.

I posted this after a meeting with Prof Wande Abimbola. The school mgt invited me for an ‘interaction’ and right there, I was told that the school mgt feels that this post is about them.

I repeated times without number that the post is simply an expression on issues of life and has nothing to do with Redeemer's University. They, however, wanted me to admit by all means necessary that I was referring to the mgt of Redeemer’s University which I refused to.

I was asked to Go and weeks later I was denied the joy of attending my own Convocation. Now, I am greeted with a letter of expulsion for this post that I insist wasn’t for Redeemer's University or anyone in it.
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FINALY! Davido Releases CCTV Footage From The Night Tagbo Died, Releases Official Statement

Nigerian Singer; Davido who has promised to release a statement soon with more proof to clear his name, has finally reacted to reports about the current trail from the Police over the controversies surrounding Tagbo’s death.
In a new development, the Singer has fulfilled his promise as he finally released a press statement including a CCTV evidence.

The singer in his statement debunked claims that he told his driver and friends to “dump” Tagbo’s body and also stated that Tagbo did not step a foot into Davido’s car at any time.

Below is the official statement as released;

Watch the video below:

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'Buhari Told Us To Focus On Northern Nigeria Only' - World Bank

Jim Yong Kim; President of the World Bank Group has said on Thursday that the bank had concentrated on the northern region of Nigeria in line with President Muhammadu Buhari’s request.
According to Punch, Kim and the Managing Director, International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde, who spoke at separate press conferences in Washington DC, U.S, also advised Buhari to invest in things that would enhance economic growth.

Kim said,
“You know, in my very first meeting with President Buhari he said specifically that he would like us to shift our focus to the northern region of Nigeria and we’ve done that. Now, it has been very difficult. The work there has been very difficult. “I think Nigeria, of course, has suffered from the dropping oil prices. 
I think things are just now getting better. But the conversation we need to have with Nigeria, I think, is in many ways related to the theme that I brought to the table just this past week, which is investment in human capital. The percentage of the Gross Domestic Product that Nigeria spends on healthcare is less than one percent.”
He added,
“Despite that, there is so much turbulence in the northern part of the country, and there is the hit that was taken from the drop in the oil prices. Nigeria has to think ahead and invest in its people.
Investing in the things that will allow Nigeria to be a thriving, rapidly growing economy in the future is what the country has to focus on right now.”
“Focusing on the northern part of Nigeria, we hope that as commodity prices stabilise and oil prices come back up, the economy will grow a bit more.
But very, very much important is the need to focus on what the drivers of growth in the future will be.”
According to the World Bank boss, the bank will invest in human capital in other parts of Africa in order to prepare the continent for the next phase of growth.
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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Generous Nigerian Lady Vows To Spend 50% Of Her First Salary On Her Boyfriend

A Nigerian lady; Eniola has made a decision to do something quite unusual for her boyfriend once she gets her first salary.
The young Lady has promised that she’s going to spend 50% of her first salary on her boyfriend who she says has been catering for her needs ever since.

She, however, took to her Twitter page to say this after her boyfriend helped her with transport fare to work.

She wrote;
"When i get my first salary from this new job, I’m spending 50% on my boyfriend..cause he has been the one supporting me financially. 
Lol so today bae was supposed to give me tfare to go to work but all the ATMs did not work so he gave me his ATM card and said Use it when you get to the nearest ATM that is dispensing knowing fully well he won’t be seeing me until Friday and he only had 1k with him. 
I was even trying to suggest some solutions and he just said Babe you gotta to go, you are running late..i love yo and told the bike man to move. 
He even paid the bikeman out of the 1k left with him. My boyfriend is my number one fan and my hypeman..nigga has been so supportive".
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''How I Went Into Robbery To Pay My Wife’s N300,000 Bride Price'' – Robbery Suspect Confesses

A robbery suspect identified as Chukwuma Okoro has confessed before security operatives that he went into robbery to enable him to pay N300,000 bride price demanded by his wife’s family.
He made the confession while being paraded on Wednesday by the Ondo State Police Command alongside three others identified as Ezenwa Raphael, Chukwudi Oruma and Thomas Onofuapo while trying to rob a sales girl of N500,000.

Speaking while parading the suspects, the State Police Public Relations Officer, Mr Femi Joseph said Okoro and other suspects were among the armed robbers who had been terrorising the state in the recent time.

Specifically, he said Okoro allegedly attacked a girl who was carrying a sum of N500,000 to the bank and as he was trying to forcefully collect the money from the girl, he was arrested by passers-by.

The PPRO added that a pistol and five live carriages were found on Okoro.

Joseph said,
“Okoro attacked a sales girl who was going to the bank to deposit a sum N500,000. As he was struggling to collect the money from her, the girl raised the alarm that attracted the passer-by who arrested him.”
Okoro, who said he was a vegetable seller in Akure, explained that his efforts to satisfy his wife pushed him to robbery. He said he wanted to pay a N300,000 bride price demanded by his wife’s family.
“It is my wife that pushed me into it, I have never stolen in my life, this is the first time, she ran away from my house since three weeks ago and I have been begging her to come back, so I started looking for money to pay her bride price before she comes back.”
The police spokesman said the suspect would soon be charged to court, adding that the command would not relent in the fight against crimes and criminality in the state.
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RUSH HOUR! Photos As Parents Rush To Pick Their Children From School Upon Hearing That Soldiers Are Injecting Pupils With Monkeypox Virus

Parents of school children in Anambra state have rushed to their kiddies' schools to pick them after IPOB members claimed that some military officers have invaded school premises and are injecting students them with the new monkeypox virus.
It was alleged earlier today that some people in military uniform arrived a school in an area in Anambra and started forcing them to take an injection which led to the death of 3 pupils from the yet-to-be-identified school.

Now in a reaction to the reports, parents have rushed to their wards schools to pick them up and avoid them being injected.

The Nigerian military has since reacted to the reports in a statement which was shared by the Secretary to the State Government
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Lagos State Police Arrested Two Of Davido’s Crew Members Who Dropped Late Tagbo At The Hospital

An update relating to the death of Tagbo Umeike, after his original autopsy emerged, two of Davido’s boys who dropped late Tagbo at the hospital have reportedly been apprehended.
Tagbo umeike
The two crew members have been arrested by the Lagos State police command, a source close to the situation told LIB exclusively.

The men, who were with Tagbo the night they were all partying to celebrate Tagbo’s birthday, were arrested today after Davido brought them himself to see the commissioner of Police in Ikeja who then ordered their arrest following a preliminary investigation.

It’s been revealed that Tagbo died of suffocation and not alcohol intoxication. The boys are currently at Police Lion Building in Lagos Island.
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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Bride Price To Be Returned As Actress Mimi Orijekwe's Marriage To Charles Billion Allegedly Crashes

There has been report of Nollywood actor, Charles Billion's marriage to his estranged wife; Mimi Orijekwe is over as actor set to welcome another child with a U.S based lady.
It was also gathered that Mimi Orijekwe's family is set to return the bride price he paid when they got married in July 2015.

Sources claim that after Mimi Orijekwe got to know that her husband is expecting another child with another woman, she reportedly confronted him but he neither denied nor confirmed the report.

Source from LIB claims that Mimi asked her father to call Charles’s family to come for their bride price but up till today October 9th, they are yet to come see her family.

Mimi has however threatened to go to social media to call them out, if they do not come forward to collect the bride price so that their marriage can be dissolved officially.

The marital crisis started after a female police officer informed Mimi that she was pregnant for Charles, just after their wedding in 2015.

Though Charles apologized, however with the recent report, Mimi has vowed never to take him back and she wants their marriage dissolved ASAP.
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